February 22, 2019


YOUR grade will depend on how well you perform on the requirements of the course. You should read them carefully and understand the implications fully. If some parts are not clear to you, will be glad to explain it in greater detail. Do not make assumptions. If your assumptions are wrong, you are responsible for their consequences.

Case studies

Each student will submit a type written analysis of assigned cases. These papers must be submitted on time and must not be longer than four type-written pages excluding the cover, and the table of contents if any. I will not read past page four. You should edit your work tightly and avoid fluffy sentences.

Read the document I have prepared to offer some tips on how to prepare a case study. It is also available in the blog as an entry.

Class discussions

You should be prepared to offer views and explanations on the subject being studied. In addition, every student should be prepared to participate in the case discussions. At first this may feel awkward but with enough practice and participation you will get used to it. Remember that a good portion of your grade depends on how well you articulate your thoughts and how well you can apply your marketing knowledge to different situations. In grading this component of the course, I will consider the quality of information as well as the ways in which ideas are articulated.

I will not seek your participation for grading purposes. You need to make yourself and your work noticeable for me to be favorably impressed by it.

Industry analysis

Each team will write a detailed analysis of an industry selected by the team members. Discuss your subject with me and explain your ideas. You must have an industry approved in an outline form by the third week of classes. I will be glad to assist your group in finding an industry that is of interest to all of you. This paper requires extensive literature search, creativity, depth and breadth of analysis poured into a well written paper.

You should read what I have prepared to explain the contents of this report before selecting your industry. Your finished report will address the issues indicated in it.

Marketing plan

Each team will prepare and submit a strategic marketing plan as term project on a company and/or product selected by the team. The company may be hypothetical or real. Obtain my approval before starting. In grading the plan, I will use the originality and clarity of exposition, depth and breadth of research of the company and its environment, and the quality of presentation as the criteria. Before you consider a hypothetical company keep in mind that making up consistent data with external and presumed internal circumstances will be extremely challenging.

In selecting the company consider accessibility, size and availability of information. Also consider doing the industry analysis on the same industry so that you use it in your strategic plan.

ETS Exam

The PC School of Business requires all senior business majors to take the ETS Major Field Test. This test will primarily assess program effectiveness. Therefore, you are required to take this test which will be administered uniformly by the school to all the students. There is no make up for this and here is how it will work:

  1. The ETS test will be centrally administered on several dates and times and will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes, I will call one class off in exchange for your time in the test
  2. The School of Business will communicate directly with the students more details about the test along with an information sheet and reserve material in the library, I urge you to do your level best to prepare yourself for this test which may also help you in your other course work
  3. Although the test comes directly from ETS, there will be some questions specifically added for PC students and these will likely entail “teams and team work” and “ethics”

This test will affect your grade in this course as follows

  1. I will add 2 points to your semester cume if you take the test and answer 50 questions or more
  2. I will add 4 points to your semester cume if you take the test and score in the 51%-75% of all PC students
  3. I will add 5 points to your semester cume if you take the test and score in the 75%-100% of all PC students
  4. I will deduct 2 points if you fail to take the test or answer less than 50 questions, that is -2 points for your semester cume
  5. These are the standards established by the School of Business and all the seniors will be subject to the same standards

The test is designed to measure your knowledge on not only marketing, but all related business fields; including but not limited to accounting, finance, management, business law, ethics, etc. We do not prepare the questions nor do we score them. The business faculty do not know the questions. You may read more about this test and its sample content by visiting the ETS Web site and reading up on the business test.