February 22, 2019


(See also the section that applies to all my courses.)

THERE will be individual and group work throughout the semester. Every student must belong to a project group which will work on a paper and a marketing plan. In addition, there will be case studies in written form and for in-class discussion. All case work is individual. Please read this section, and the section that applies to all my courses very carefully. You will have most, if not all, your questions that you may have after I submit your semester grades answered.


I do not accept late assignments. If you fail to turn in an assignment, group or individual, you will receive a zero for that work. Under extraordinary circumstances I may (note “may“) allow you to submit your work later but will penalize you for being late. You can count on a 10% penalty as a rule-of-thumb.


I may not take attendance at every meeting. This does not mean that you do not have to show up in class. I expect that you will attend all the classes prepared to participate in the learning process. I will notice your absence although I will not grade it directly. In an indirect manner, it may affect your participation grade. If you are not there, you cannot participate