February 22, 2019

Video Assignment

These video programs provide the seed for a group assignment. Each group will choose one of these interviews to study in detail and make a brief presentation to the class. They come here via YouTube, if you find one that is more interesting than the ones I chose, let me know what it is and you may present the essence of your selected video program after I place it here for everyone else to view. The presentations will be 5-10 minutes and I expect that you will not simply repeat what is in the video.

Although one group will present the main message in their selected video, everyone in class is expected to critically view them and be ready to engage in the discussion that will follow the presentation. The content in the video should be tied to a subject or subjects we have studied or will be studying. So, some level of reading ahead will be necessary.

You will also prepare a podcast not too different from what you see in these videos, perhaps even better. So look at them as idea seeds as well. We will shape this assignment in class further as groups pick their choices to present.

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