February 22, 2019


& Learning Material


William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin. Essentials of Marketing Research, 4th edition. South-Western. 2010.

Technology tools


A statistical software package, SPSS, will supplement the course work. You should quickly familiarize yourself with SPSS since you will need to complete assignments with it and use it in your research project. I will have a series of introductory sessions in the lab to get you going.


When designing the questionnaires for your research projects, you will learn how to use SurveyPro and design your questionnaires using it. It is a professional grade software that will produce professional looking survey forms. Due to the licensing agreements with Apian Software, SurveyPro is accessible to only five users at a time. If we plan group works well, this limitation should not cause any appreciable hardship for anyone but you should spare time to learn how to use it for your own development. Using this tool, you can also conduct online surveys using the Internet if your project requires such an application.


In addition to SurveyPro, you will also be able to use Qualtrix Survey software which creates surveys for online use with ease. Pick your tool, learn how to use it, and implement it in your research project.

I will have workshops on SPSS, Qualtrix, and SurveyPro. If there is enough need and interest in the class, I will be glad to organize workshops on other technology tools like word processing and e-mail. Organize groups and let me know that you would like a training session. We will arrange a mutually agreeable time.

The Internet

In addition, you will find the Internet a valuable resource. I intend to use e-mail as the primary mode of communication with the entire class and encourage you to learn quickly and use it regularly. To receive priority treatment in my response time, make sure to put MRES (upper or lower case) somewhere on the subject line.

As convenient as electronic mail may be, it is not a substitute for face-to-face communications. Do come to see me in my office too.