Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cemal Ekin and I am a professor of marketing at a well-known East-coast college. Photography has been an intense hobby for me for almost fifty years although I did a lot of dry-shooting in my early years of involvement. For several years I did freelance photography for annual reports, brochures, and the like around the 1970s.

I have selected some photographs to share and I will be delighted if you would like to see them. In the galleries page, you will see a list of galleries which you may start viewing in any order you want.

I have also a few tips and techniques that have worked for me in the tips page. You may already know them but just in case I included them here.

I also collect old cameras in addition to the new ones that I use.The camera photographs that you see in these pages are from my collection of cameras and I have photographed them for this Web site. I included as much information about the cameras as space allows. I enjoy looking at them and playing with them I thought you may enjoy seeing them too. I am planning to add a gallery of camera and other photography paraphernalia in the future.

I will welcome your comments and feedback. You may use the feedback page to send me a message or write to [email protected]. I will try to answer all the messages I receive if you include your email address.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your visit.




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Preview the exhibit photographs.


Zeiss Icon, 4x5 field camera

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