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This course page will serve as an electronic syllabus. I will not distribute a printed copy of it. Although you may print your own from your browser, I encourage you to visit this site frequently to pick up the latest changes. You are responsible to know everything on these pages.

Let's get digital, digital!!!
Since our course uses digital technology as one of its core elements why not extend the same concept to our interpersonal communication. I encourage you to visit me in my office for your questions and comments. In addition, feel free to send e-mail to me anytime you need help. I read my mail regularly (at least twice a day) and respond promptly to as many messages as I can (usually all.)

I expect that everyone in the class has an account on our Internet server and knows how to use e-mail. There will be a few sessions on the tools of the Internet.

Read everything in these pages closely and come back for updates, changes and last minute information. If you have information that should be a part of these pages, let me know and help me incorporate them where they belong.


Visit the pages students created as part of their course requirement by following the links below.

Smith Hill Development Corporation

Hon. William Young, Federal Judge

Rhode Island Childrens Museum

PC Marketing Club

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