February 22, 2019


Course specific policies

(See also the section that applies to all my courses.)


This is a dual sided course. On the one hand, we will learn about the new challenges to and opportunities in marketing that stem from information technology (more specifically the Internet.) On the other hand, this course will give us a chance to understand one of the most popular Internet applications, the World Wide Web, and its document creation language, Hypertext Markup Language or HTML.

You should complete all reading assignments by the beginning of each class and submit the assignments at or before the beginning of the class in which they are due. Exceptions when present are noted appropriately.

Read each week’s assignment carefully and do not assume that every week is the same.

If what you see here is not clear, do not make assumptions about what it may mean. Ask me in class, send e-mail or call to clarify. You are responsible for the consequences of your assumptions.

Submitting assignments

I do not accept late assignments. The only exception may be (note “may be“) a verifiable and valid emergency that may prevent your from submitting your work on time. Otherwise, you will receive a zero for that assignment, group or individual.

The assignments are due at the beginning of the class or earlier. I do spot-check the time-stamp that the system issues (not what your computer says) on the e-mail messages and upload times of your files to your web space.

You will submit most assignments electronically. Sometimes you will attach a document to send with your e-mail message, sometimes you will post your assignment on your Web space. When submitting individual or group assignments via e-mail you must observe the following rules to make sure you get credit for it. If your mail or its attachment does not conform to these rules your assignment will receive a zero as if it has not been submitted at all. This is very real.

  • I accept MS Word documents as attachments. I do not try to read other word-processing files.
  • I expect that you will get and use an e-mail account from the college. I am not responsible for lost or improperly submitted work from other e-mail accounts, nor can I offer you any help unless you use your campus account. Use other ways of mailing and receiving mail at your own risk.
  • I strongly suggest that you keep a copy of all the messages you send to me in your mail system. If you claim you sent e-mail to me and I do not have it, you will have to produce a copy of it from your system.
  • All e-mail messages you send to me MUST have the following somewhere on the subject line of exactly as you see here. There are no spaces anywhere.MOTI (upper or lower case) I automatically filter my e-mail messages and if this marker is not on the subject line your message will not go to the mail box for this class and consequently, will not get graded or replied to with answers you may seek. Therefore, I will probably never read it and it will end up in trash and you will receive a zero for that assignment. If, by chance, I catch your assignment despite the missing MOTI marker on the subject line, count on a penalty in your grade.

Read this part carefully

If you are attaching a document to your e-mail message the name of the document must follow the pattern below:



  • LLL first three letters of the last name
  • FFF first three letters of the first name
  • M Middle initial (omit if you have none)
  • W stands for week and is not changeable
  • x the number of the week

When submitting a group assignment, substitute the group’s name or number as agreed in class

For example, if John T. Petrocelli were to submit his assignment for the second week the file name would be:


Similarly, if Group 1 were submitting an assignment for the third week they would use:


One person from each group will submit the group assignments. This person need not be the same for every group assignment. If I receive more than one group submission for an assignment I will only read the last one submitted and duck your grade by 5%.

This system allows me to keep track of your submissions without mixing them with other people’s work. The naming scheme will keep related work together on a weekly basis. Remember, the file naming applies to when you submit files as attachments. At other times, you need not worry about naming anything but make sure that you put MOTI on the subject line along with other appropriate identifier.

File naming tips

When saving a document, say in MS Word, or HomeSite, the application may append its default extension at the end of the name you specify. This will interfere with the file naming scheme and cause you lose points. You can override this feature by enclosing the file name you enter between quotation marks. Here is an example. If you simply give the name:


MS word may very well save it as:


If, on the other hand, you enter the name as follows (pay attention to the quotation marks here and type them as part of the file name):


you will have exactly what you need.

If you would like to get further help on this let me know before it is too late and you miss some assignments although you think you mailed them.


I may not take attendance every time we meet. However, I expect all students to attend classes regularly and be prepared to actively involve in the learning process. I need to observe your performance in class to give you a meaningful participation grade. Attendance is not participation and you will not get any grade towards participation simply because you never miss a class.


The semester grade will consist of the following components.

Individual assignments 25%
Participation 25%
Team project (G) 25%
Term paper (G) 25%

As the grade distribution shows, there are no traditional exams. However, all other assignments must be completed on time for full credit. The group members will receive the same grade for group projects and papers. I will distribute peer evaluation forms with which you will assess the contribution of your team members. Depending on the group wisdom, the result may affect the individual grades to a small extent.

In grading your work, I consider the answers you provide as well as the quality of your presentations. If you submit your assignments in a disorganized manner you will not receive full grade even if your answer is correct. In marketing, presentation is part of the product.

I look at work that you do beyond homework with a positive eye. If you read an additional book, find a clever way of using HTML without violating its rules, and generally do work of this type you will not only receive a better grade but learn much more than the others in the class. I challenge all of you to seek new knowledge on your own and let us all benefit from it.