February 22, 2019

Learning is Emergent

I saw the following video on my colleague and good friend Tom King's blog. It speaks so clearly to the fundamental strength of learning, especially in the absence of teachers. Watch, get inspired, do! … [Read more...]

Student Guest Post: Comments from the Other Side of the Podium

When Dr. Ekin initially sent his Capstone sections an e-mail explaining that he was inspired by many sources on the subject of problems in education, I wasn't quite sure I understood what he was getting at. It seemed as though something had gotten him excited and since everyone in my class seemed to be jumping on board, I grew curious about the challenge he was presenting to … [Read more...]

On innovations and creativity

A couple of interesting articles to read. One focuses on the process of creativity in the brain and how to use it to advantage; the other deals with the execution of creative ideas. How to Bring Innovations to Market How Aha! Really Happens … [Read more...]

Learning, Creativity, Thinking, Education

As I proposed a class-wide project that will engage all of us and then some, where we will explore what it means to learn, to be creative, to think, and the essence of education, I am posting the following to kick-start the conversation. My hope is that we will hammer out a collective event for the end of the semester that will focus on learning, creativity, thinking, … [Read more...]

Truth in Advertising

Why do companies resort to questionable practices just to get a few customers? Marketing is not about getting customers at all cost; it is about offering the greatest satisfaction to them within the boundaries of societal norms, laws, and ethics. Otherwise, every marketer would be a con man, and some may think that it is already the case. As a professor of marketing, this is … [Read more...]